System Recovery

Issue in some core profiles like the systemd suite, or the desktop environment can fully break your system. This should not happen a lot, but if it does here is the process to recover your system on Archlinux:

  1. Boot from a Archlinux live USB
  2. If you root partition is encryped, decrypt it: cryptsetup open /dev/<your-disk-id> vg0
  3. Mount your root partition: mount /dev/<your-plain-disk-id> /mnt
  4. Chroot into your system: arch-chroot /mnt
  5. Check the AppArmor messages to see what profile is faulty: aa-log
  6. Temporarily fix the issue with either:
    • When only one profile is faultily, remove it: rm /etc/apparmor.d/<profile-name>
    • Otherwise, you can also remove the package: pacman -R apparmor.d
    • Alternatively, you may temporarily disable apparmor as it will allow you to boot and study the log: systemctl disable apparmor
  7. Exit, unmount, and reboot:
    umount -R /mnt
  8. Create an issue and report the output of aa-log