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Known issues

Known bugs are tracked on the meta issue #75.


Usually, a profile in complain mode cannot break the program it confines. However, there are some major exceptions:

  • deny rules are enforced even in complain mode,
  • attach_disconnected (and mediate_deleted) will break the program if they are required and missing in the profile,
  • If AppArmor does not find the profile to transition rPx.

Pacman "could not get current working directory"

$ sudo pacman -Syu
error: could not get current working directory
:: Processing package changes...

This is a feature, not a bug! It can safely be ignored. Pacman tries to get your current directory. You will only get this error when you run pacman in your home directory.

According to the Arch Linux guideline, on Arch Linux, packages cannot install files under /home/. Therefore, the pacman profile purposely does not allow access of your home directory.

This provides a basic protection against some packages (on the AUR) that may have rogue install script.

Gnome can be very slow to start.

Gnome can be slow to start. This is a known bug, help is very welcome.

The complexity is that:

  • It works fine without AppArmor
  • It works fine on most system (including test VM)
  • It seems to be dbus related
  • On archlinux, the dbus mediation is not enabled. So, there is nothing special to allow.