Enforce Mode

The default package configuration installs all profiles in complain mode. This is a safety measure to ensure you are not going to break your system on initial installation. Once you have tested it, and it works fine, you can easily switch to enforce mode. The profiles that are not considered stable are kept in complain mode, they can be tracked in the dists/flags directory.


  • Please test in complain mode first and ensure your system boots!
  • When reporting an issue, please ensure the affected profiles are in complain mode.

Arch Linux

In PKGBUILD, replace make by make enforce:

-  make DISTRIBUTION=arch
+  make enforce DISTRIBUTION=arch

Ubuntu & Debian

In debian/rules, add the following lines:

    make enforce


In dists/apparmor.d.spec, replace %make_build by make enforce

-  %make_build
+  %make_build enforce

Partial install

Use the make enforce command to build instead of make