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Enforce Mode

The default package configuration installs all profiles in complain mode. This is a safety measure to ensure you are not going to break your system on initial installation. Once you have tested it, and it works fine, you can easily switch to enforce mode. The profiles that are not considered stable are kept in complain mode, they can be tracked in the dists/flags directory.


When reporting issue. Please ensure the profiles are in complain mode



In PKGBUILD, replace make by make enforce:

-  make
+  make enforce

Ubuntu & Debian

In debian/rules, add the following lines:

    make enforce

OpenSUSE & Partial install

Use the make enforce command to build instead of make

Track profiles in complain mode

The dists/flags directory tracks the profile that have been forced in complain mode. It is used for profile that are not considered stable. Files in this directory should respect the following format: <profile> <flags>, flags should be comma separated.

For instance, to move adb in complain mode, edit dists/flags/main.flags and add the following line:

adb complain

Beware, flags defined in this file overwrite flags in the profile. So you may need to add other flags. Example for gnome-shell:

gnome-shell attach_disconnected,mediate_deleted,complain