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Development Install


Do not install this project "manually" (with make, sudo make install). The distribution specific packages are intended to be used in development as they include additional rule to ensure compatibility with upstream.

See debian/, PKGBUILD and dists/apparmor.d.spec.


From any distribution, if you have docker installed, you can simply build the package with:

make package dist=<distribution>
Then you can install the package with dpkg, pacman or rpm.


make pkg

Ubuntu & Debian

make dpkg


make rpm

Profile flags

Flags for all profiles in this project are tracked under the dists/flags directory. It is used for profile that are not considered stable. Files in this directory should respect the following format: <profile> <flags>, flags should be comma separated.

For instance, to move adb in complain mode, edit dists/flags/main.flags and add the following line:

adb complain

Beware, flags defined in this file overwrite flags in the profile. So you may need to add other flags. Example for gnome-shell:

gnome-shell attach_disconnected,mediate_deleted,complain

Ignore profiles

It can be handy to not install a profile for a given distribution. Profile or directory to ignore are tracked under the dists/ignore directory. Files in this directory should respect the following format: <profile or path>. One ignore by line. It can be a profile name or a directory to ignore (relative to the project root).