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If you're looking to contribute to apparmor.d you can get started by going to the project GitHub repository! All contributions are welcome no matter how small. In this page you will find all the useful information needed to contribute to the apparmor.d project.

How to contribute pull requests
  1. If you don't have git on your machine, install it.
  2. Fork this repo by clicking on the fork button on the top of the project GitHub page.
  3. Clone the forked repository and go to the directory:
    git clone
    cd apparmor.d
  4. Create a branch:
    git checkout -b my_contribution
  5. Make the changes and commit:
    git add <files changed>
    git commit -m "A message to sum up my contribution"
  6. Push changes to GitHub:
    git push origin my_contribution
  7. Submit your changes for review: If you go to your repository on GitHub, you'll see a Compare & pull request button, fill and submit the pull request.

Project rules

Rule - Mandatory Access Control

As these are mandatory access control policies only what is explicitly required should be authorized. Meaning, you should not allow everything (or a large area) and deny some sub areas.

Rule - Do not break a program

A profile should not break a normal usage of the confined software. this can be complex as simply running the program for your own use case is not always exhaustive of the program features and required permissions.

Rule - Do not confine everything

Some programs should not be confined by a MAC policy.

Rule - Distribution and devices agnostic

A profile should be compatible with all distributions, software, and devices in the Linux world. You cannot deny access to resources you do not use on your devices or for your use case.

Add a profile


Following the profile guidelines is mandatory for all new profiles.

  1. To add a new profile foo, add the file foo in apparmor.d/profile-a-f. If your profile is part of a large group of profiles, it can also go in apparmor.d/groups.

  2. Write the profile content, the rules depend on the confined program, Here is the bare minimum for the program foo:

    # apparmor.d - Full set of apparmor profiles
    # Copyright (C) 2023 You <your@email>
    # SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
    abi <abi/3.0>,
    include <tunables/global>
    @{exec_path} = @{bin}/foo
    profile foo @{exec_path} {
      include <abstractions/base>
      @{exec_path} mr,
      include if exists <local/foo>
    # vim:syntax=apparmor

  3. You can automatically set the complain flag on your profile by editing the file dists/flags/main.flags and add a new line with: foo complain

  4. Build & install for your distribution.